Welcome to The Spicerack! I'm Shannon, and I love quilting and quilt design! I've been quilting for almost eight years. I'm entirely self-taught, so if you're a novice or beginner, I'm here to tell you, you can do it! I will be sharing tips and tricks and tutorials on my blog. And I design my patterns with beginners in mind.

I've explored everything from quilt-as-you-go to improv to curved piecing to foundation paper piecing. And ever since I started, I've designed my own creations. I've made some fabulous pieces by other designers, but I tend to want to do things my way. And I love the math involved in puzzling out a quilting design.

I've been drawn to modern quilt design, and I have a passion to share the love. I will use my blog to share my stories and my shop to share my designs (some for free!)