Log Cabin Block Pattern

We're in Week 2 of The Spicerack Sampler! That means we get to make Block 2, the Log Cabin!

Every quilter needs a log cabin pattern in their files! This is one of the most classic of quilt blocks. And there are SO many things you can do with the log cabin design!

From what I can tell, the log cabin quilt block has been used in America since the Civil War. I've decided to give this one a modern look by using two colors, both in solid fabric (Kona Bone and Moda Bella Solids: Mustard).  And by placing my colors in concentric squares, I believe it further adds a dynamic dimension.  With the log cabin design, the traditional color placement is to use darker fabrics on one corner and lighter fabrics on the opposite corner.

Like this:

Traditional Log Cabin Quilt Block

But like I said, there are SO many things you can do with the log cabin design. And you can get your creative juices flowing with the coloring page I've included in this pattern.


Click here to download the pattern PDF.



And click here to watch my video tutorial on YouTube!

YouTube pattern tutorial for the Log Cabin quilt block


And let's see how this block looks on repeat!
Log Cabin Quilt Mock-Up

I love this! I've actually wanted to make a quilt with this design for a long time! I may just have to do that soon.  I created this mock-up in EQ8. I reversed the color placement and alternated the blocks.  I think it creates a really dynamic look!


Let's see what it looks like with just the main block on repeat.

Log Cabin Quilt

Nice, but I prefer the first rendition.  What about you? Which one do you like best?

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But one block is all I'm going to make for now because I've got to move on to the other blocks in my series!


Here is how I'm going to put together all my blocks:

Spicerack Sampler Quilt Mock-Up


I hope you enjoy this series! These are all classic quilt block designs, but with a modern flair.  And they're all traditionally pieced! No Y-seams, templates (I have a particular dislike for paper templates), or foundation piecing.

My sampler blocks are meant to build your skills.  They start out very easy, and then as we go along, I'll teach you several techniques that will really round out your repertoire!


A new block releases each Monday.


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