Charity Quilts

In my last post, I explained my foray into the world of quilting.  I was hooked! I loved it! It's all I every wanted to do! But after making several items for our home, I quickly realized that I had to find an outlet for my craft that didn't involve accumulating and hoarding.  And since I still had just a small machine, I decided to focus on baby quilts.  They're easier to quilt on a domestic machine, and smaller projects are faster finishes.  How I do like finishing things!

So baby quilts it was! And then I wanted to find an outlet to donate my creations.  I knew I wanted to donate somewhere that helped children and babies.

I landed on St. Francis Community Services when a friend connected me to a contact in our local office here in town.  And when I joined our local chapter of The Modern Quilt Guild, I started donating extra-small quilts to the NICU of local hospitals.

I still make charity quilts, and 10 percent of all sales go toward supplies for charity quilts.

Here are some pictures of the charity quilts I've made so far.

Baby quilt diamonds lattice design.

Baby Quilt black background bright flowers

Baby quilt white background rainbow color pinwheels

Baby quilt bright pink purple and blue

Baby quilt pink and white hexagons

Baby quilt diamonds pink brown purple cream

Baby quilt squares pink teal chocolate brown

Baby Quilt owls orange green blue

Baby quilt owls gray background orange red green

Baby quilt star orange yellow red pink

Baby quilt red and blue diamonds on a gray background

Baby quilt herringbone design pink and cream

Baby Quilt whole cloth flannel green

There's a story behind each one of these quilts, and perhaps at some point, I'll post more details about each one here on the blog. In the meantime, I'm going to keep on plugging away, making baby-size and crib-size quilts and giving them to babies and children in need.

Do you donate quilts? Let me know in the comments if you do and what organizations your support with your quilting!

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