Block 12 - Storm at Sea

This is the FINAL week of The Spicerack Sampler!  To finish out this series, I've got the Storm at Sea block for you!

Click the picture to download the pattern.


This was my absolute favorite block so I knew I had to make a way to include it in this series! All the other patterns I looked at for this design used paper templates or foundation paper piecing.  I was set on making this whole set of 12 blocks WITHOUT any paper templates and only traditional piecing methods.  So I set to work to figure out how to go about it.  The diamonds in rectangles were tricky.  But I found a way!

Click the image below to see me assemble this block on YouTube.

YouTube tutorial for the Storm at Sea quilt block.


The beauty of the Storm at Sea block is that it gives the illusion of a circle, but it's actually made up of squares and rectangles.  Coming up with these mock-ups was a lot of fun, and there's even more you can do with this design than what I show here.  Check out the hashtag #stormatsea on Instagram, and you'll see so many lovely pieces other quilters have created.

With the first mock-up, I just repeated the block throughout, all facing the same direction, with the coloring I used on my real block. I think it's lovely!


Storm at Sea Quilt Option 1


For this second one, I kept the same block layout, but colored certain sections of the blocks to create secondary designs.  I like what's going on here!

Storm at Sea Quilt Option 2


Then I realized that the traditional Storm at Sea layout does not repeat the diamonds between blocks.  You'll notice the designs above have two diamonds where each "circle" meets, but below is the traditional layout with the "circles" overlapping one another.  You get a lot of beautiful wavy lines this way.

 Storm at Sea Quilt Option 3


I've seen several people color some of the sections to create hearts in the design, so I did that here.

Storm at Sea Quilt with Hearts


 And like I said, there are SO many things you can do with this design.  I've only just begun to explore my options here.

Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments below!

As I mentioned above and throughout this series, I whipped up these mock-ups in EQ8.  Do you use EQ8? I am not an affiliate, but I love sharing about how awesome this program is! (I am an Amazon Affiliate--disclosure below.)

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If you're just now joining me in this series, here is a picture of the complete set.  These 12 blocks I'm calling The Spicerack Sampler! They're all classic quilt blocks, but I'm attempting to put a modern spin on each one.  This is the final block in this series.  All the patterns are available in my shop.  And I will be releasing a complete set very soon.

The blocks in this series range from easy to more challenging, but they're meant to be a skill builder.  I walk you through each step and help you add a number of skills to your repertoire!  These are all traditionally pieced.  No Y-seams, paper templates or foundation paper piecing.

The Spicerack Sampler quilt mock-up.


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