Block 11 - Spicy Churn Dash

We are in Week 11 of The Spicerack Sampler! And this week our block is called the Spicy Churn Dash!

Click the picture to download the pattern.


I know this isn't the traditional Churn Dash, but it's in the same family! But when I found this design, it was called the Monkey's Wrench.  You'll remember when I released my Snail's Trail design, I talked about how it's also called a Monkey's Wrench block.  What is going on here?  The Churn Dash can be called the Monkey's Wrench, and the Snail's Trail can be called the Monkey's Wrench.  Since there seems to be so much confusion surrounding the Monkey's Wrench name, I decided to stick with the Churn Dash name for this block.  And since it's got a little something extra in those corners, I'm saying it's a Spicy Churn Dash! Because I'm Shannon Spicer of The Spicerack!

This block is easy and fun to put together.  And I believe I've come up with a simple way to create those triangle corners.

Click the image below to see me assemble this block on YouTube.

YouTube tutorial for the Spicy Churn Dash quilt block.


And here are some mock-ups I made in EQ8 to show you what you can do with this block.

This first one, I just repeated the block throughout, all facing the same direction, with the coloring I used on my real block. It creates an interesting secondary pattern.

Churn Dash Quilt Option 1


 For this second one, I switched to two tones for the block, blue for the main design and red for the corner triangles.  I like this one! It has vintage vibes!

Churn Dash Quilt Option 2


Then I wanted to see how it would look with two different blocks, still with the red and blue, but colored in reverse.  I alternated those blocks, checkerboard style.  I really like this one!

Churn Dash Quilt Option 3


And finally, I know some of you prefer sashing to have a less-busy design, so here is the same idea as above, but with sashing. I like them all so much!

Churn Dash Quilt Option 4


Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments below!

As I mentioned above and throughout this series, I whipped up these mock-ups in EQ8.  Do you use EQ8? I am not an affiliate, but I love sharing about how awesome this program is! (I am an Amazon Affiliate--disclosure below.)

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If you're just now joining me in this series, here is a picture of the complete set.  These 12 blocks I'm calling The Spicerack Sampler! They're all classic quilt blocks, but I'm attempting to put a modern spin on each one.  I hope you join me in making these! They range from easy to more challenging, but they're meant to be a skill builder.  I'll walk you through each step and help you add a number of skills to your repertoire!  And these are all traditionally pieced.  No Y-seams, paper templates or foundation paper piecing.

The Spicerack Sampler quilt mock-up.

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